Title Release Year
Getting Scared iMegaphone 1998
Sweet Religion iMegaphone 1998
Oh Me, Oh My iMegaphone 1998
Shine iMegaphone 1998
Whatever iMegaphone 1998
Angry Angel iMegaphone 1998
Candlelight iMegaphone 1998
Rake It In iMegaphone 1998
Come Here Boy iMegaphone 1998
Useless iMegaphone 1998
Sleep iMegaphone 1998
Miel Getting Scared 1998
Not You Again Getting Scared 1998
Airplane Shine 1998
Wireless Shine 1998
Leave Me To Love Shine 1998
Feeling Strange Come Here Boy 1998
Mutual Come Here Boy 1998
Bineni [unreleased] [1998]
Aeroplane iMegaphone 2002
Kidding iMegaphone 2002
Blanket Blanket (Urban Species) 1998
Predictably Unpredictably Blanket (Urban Species) 1998
Hide And Seek Speak For Yourself 2005
Goodnight And Go Speak For Yourself 2005
Have You Got It In You? Speak For Yourself 2005
Loose Ends Speak For Yourself 2005
Clear The Area Speak For Yourself 2005
Daylight Robbery Speak For Yourself 2005
The Walk Speak For Yourself 2005
Just For Now Speak For Yourself 2005
I Am In Love With You Speak For Yourself 2005
Closing In Speak For Yourself 2005
The Moment I Said It Speak For Yourself 2005
Cumulus Hide And Seek 2005
Speeding Cars Goodnight And Go 2006
Mic Check Headlock 2006
Glittering Cloud Plague Songs (various) 2006
Can't Take It In The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (soundtrack) 2005
I'm A Lonely Little Petunia Six Feet Under (soundtrack) 2005
Spooky Just Like Heaven (soundtrack) 2005
Hallelujah The Graduates episode of The O.C. 2006
Meantime g:mt - Greenwich Mean Time (soundtrack) 1999
Not Now But Soon Heroes (soundtrack) 2008
My Secret Friend Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction (IAMX) 2009
First Train Home Ellipse 2009
Wait It Out Ellipse 2009
Earth Ellipse 2009
Little Bird Ellipse 2009
Swoon Ellipse 2009
Tidal Ellipse 2009
Between Sheets Ellipse 2009
2-1 Ellipse 2009
Bad Body Double Ellipse 2009
Aha! Ellipse 2009
The Fire Ellipse 2009
Canvas Ellipse 2009
The Song That Never Was [unreleased] [2009]
Hide & Seek 2 The Art Of Peace: Songs For Tibet (compilation) 2008
The Sherpherdess The Sherpherdess 2010
Thriller live radio performance/broadcast 2009
Missing You New Dawn (various) 1994
Rhythm Of Life New Dawn (various) 1994
Aliens Aliens (various) 1995
If Only I Were A Butterfly Aliens (various) 1995
Let Go Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Breathe In Details (Frou Frou) 2002
It's Good To Be In Love Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Must Be Dreaming Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Psychobabble Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Only Got One Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Shh Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Hear Me Out Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Maddening Shroud Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Flicks Details (Frou Frou) 2002
The Dumbing Down Of Love Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Old Piano Details (Frou Frou) 2002
Close Up Breathe In (Frou Frou) 2002
Deal With It [unreleased] (Frou Frou) [2003]
Holding Out For A Hero Shrek 2 (soundtrack) (Frou Frou) 2004
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