Imogen Heap
from iMegaphone
released 2002
length 3:42
director(s) Si & Jon
producer(s) Siobham Murphy / Zeno
shot 2001-12-14: Brick Lane, London, England.
label Aozora

thumb|right In the video, we see Heap dancing in multiple places, including that of a roof of a building. She is also seen holding a paper airplane throughout the video. There are also shots of an airplane cutting through pieces of blueprint, and shots of an airplane flying through the sky, like in the beginning and end of the video.


  • Director: Si & Jon
  • Label: Aozora
  • Producer: Siobham Murphy/Zeno
  • Production Company: Addiction
  • Shoot date: 14 December 2001
  • Location: Brick Lane, London, England
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